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General Information

Ser Jonothor Hightower The_kingsguard___arthur_dayne_by_lj_todd-d6cltvz

Full Name & Royal/Noble Titles [If applicable]: Ser Jonothor Hightower of Oldtown

Titles [If applicable]: Kingsguard, Ser

Aliases: 'The Knight of Spires'

House [If applicable]: Hightower

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Location of Birth: Oldtown, The Reach

Occupation: Kingsguard

Psychological Information

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Celibate


The Kingsguard, Ser Jonothor Hightower, is an extremely honorable, courageous, and austere individual, and is motivated heavily by his sense of honor and duty with great resolute. Jonothor is solemn, soft-spoken, and guarded in his demeanor that marginally belies his potency as a warrior, and it's fitting that Jonothor possess a dry, sarcastic wit. Jonothor possesses a strong sense of creed with his fellow Kingsguard, along with other knights as long as they've proven themselves to be noble. To his own fault, Jonothor is considered to be too honorable at times, where he simply will not compromise his Kingsguard vows and knightly values, no matter how dire the circumstance. Further so, it's noted that Jonothor is somewhat melancholic in his mannerisms, and is jokingly theorized by some that the severity he takes his Kingsguard vows inhibits him from properly enjoying life. Jonothor is staunchly loyal to the Baratheon line and the establishment.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Kingsguard - As a member of the Kingsguard, Jonothor is an exceptionally gifted swordsman and knight.

Resolute - When it comes to defending his values, Jonothor possesses an exceptional level of resolve and determination. In this regard, although soft-spoken, he is gallant, intrepid, and honorable.

Skilled Commander - As a member of the Kingsguard, Jonothor has proven himself as a skilled commander of the battlefield.


Oathbound - As a Kingsguard, Jonothor is forbidden from owning any children, taking any wives, or owning any property. Additionally, Jonothor definitively acts as his duty to uphold these Kingsguard vows.This can be a serious problem; Jonothor values all of his Kingsguard vows extremely highly, and may be forced to stand by whilst atrocities occur, along with Jonothor's willingness to put these ideals forward with his life on the line.

Politically Reluctant - Jonothor chooses to withdraw himself from the politics inside King's Landing, as he sees his sole duty to defend his liege from physical harm.

Lukewarm - Jonothor is a lukewarm, distant individual. While the reasons are essentially ambiguous, it's jokingly theorized by some of his fellow Kingsguard that Jonothor is mildly melancholic as a result of his austere lifestyle which prevents him from properly enjoying life.  


Equipment Listing

Various Warhorses



Kingsguard Shield

Kingsguard Armor


Extra Information





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