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General Information

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Ser Stephas quarreling with another competetor at a tournament.

Full Name & Royal/Noble Titles [If applicable]: Ser Stephas Lannister

Titles [If applicable]: Knight
Aliases: the Smug
House [If applicable]: Lannister
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Location of Birth: Lannisport
Occupation: Tourney knight

Psychological Information

Ser Stephas Lannister K5axFP8
They just can't get enough of me, can they?

Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Relationship Status: Not married

Stephas is two-faced, yet it's not quite clear whether he wishes to be so, or thinks it is required. It is easily explained by the fact that he is at the same time a part of House Lannister (even though he holds no chances of directly inheriting anything so far) but also a tourney knight.
Tourney Stephas is loved by some and hated by many, but with a thrill to it - he's called Ser Stephas the Smug for a reason. He can be a great ally, but a perfect rival too. He's a natural at what he does, and is fully consumed by tourneys. Stephas is known as a complacent, expressive, determined competetor amongst many others. While quarrels and rivalries happen quite often, it's unclear how many of those are genuine. Stephas was never known as someone who'd take offense at things said or done during the competition. He believes that whatever happens during a tourney stays there until the next time. Ser Stephas the Smug is a knight people even love to hate.
On the other hand, Stephas of House Lannister is different. His motives for competing so hard and frequently in tourneys is to show the world the strength and glory of his House, which, he thinks, suffered great damage to its image in the past times. Stephas despises being viewed as a coin purse that "Always pays his debt" - he doesn't wish to be in debt, neither does he need to. He also is very sensitive about the "cursed times" of Lannister history he's learned about - mainly the whole existence of Jaime Lannister the Kingslayer and incest between him and his sister, Cersei Lannister. Jaime's later support of the Iron Throne during the war didn't impress Stephas whatsoever, and Cersei's treachery even made him hate her even more. Yet long-gone Lannisters of the past are not the only ones frowned upon by Stephas - he despises anyone who dares shame his House. Secretly, he holds grudges on many people within House Lannister and beyond.
It's not unusual for Stephas to mix up his tourney persona and his own from time to time, yet it doesn't truly define him.
Ser Stephas tends to hold grudges, is a bit of a pedant, cares about his image and that of his House, despises debauchery of many sorts and tries to truly love himself, which he is still learning to do, therefore it usually comes off as narcissism, yet not too excessive.


Strengths & Weaknesses
Ser Stephas Lannister UQk8bjt
There's no reason for me ignore someone shaming my House. House Lannister is my everything.

+ Will not engage in any "debauchery". - Stephas is against excessive lust, drinking and eating and absolutely hates overdoing anything. He cannot be lured anywhere by such means.
+ A powerful knight. - Stephas is, after all, someone who participates in every tourney possible, showing off Lannister presence. If not competing, Stephas is most likely training or studying. He's skilled in fighting and is ready to protect himself and others if neccessary. Stephas wouldn't refuse to fight in a war.
+ Makes ends meet. - Lannisters may always pay their debts, but Stephas doesn't need to pay any. Quite difficult to trick or to force into going against his ideals in order to repay someone.
+ A known knight. - Stephas is quite well-known amongst tourney-goers - from high society to smallfolk. Despite his character, some people may side with him out of respect or sympathy.
+ He'd rather die. - If captured. He would prefer not to, and absolutely would hate it and never forgive himself if his captors were paid ransom for him.
[List at least 3, try to make sure that your strengths and weaknesses are balanced to make a much fairer character. Having a character with more weaknesses rather than strengths is also fine.]
- Some weird sort of an asshole. - Stephas comes off as a pretty mean and boring man at times, unintentionally or not, and his pedantic nature at times may bother some, as well as his smuggish attitude. It's not known to him, but some people may hold a grudge on him for reasons.
- Loner. - While Stephas may have a lot of support in the tourney circles, outside of these he is often left out due to his ideals and views. Stephas may cling to someone who shares the same thoughts as him and might be heavily influenced that way, or even manipulated. Stephas cares about the image of his House, but doesn't neccessarily care about every person affiliated with it, some of whom may be rather unfitting and detrimental to the House.
- Glory hound. - Stephas is still studying the arts of tactics, strategy, and might not understand warfare in-depth yet. He is brave, fearless and it wouldn't be a surprise if he charged into battle head first, not even dragging anyone along with him. If any fight, even a small one, looks promising enough to Stephas, he will interfere to strengthen House Lannister's good name.
- Slowly fading. - While he may be a great fighter and a fine man overall, time spent getting beaten up and beating others up didn't pass without leaving a mark. Recent tourney wounds, old healed traumas could strike again any day and give Stephas a disadvantage. He also has a suspicion that he is gradually getting blind in one eye, but has not consulted any healer about that yet.


Equipment Listing

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Extra Information

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