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General Information

Full Name & Royal/Noble Titles [If applicable]: Ser Oswyck Baratheon of Seagard

Titles [If applicable]: Knight

Aliases: The Storming Stag

House [If applicable]: Baratheon

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Location of Birth: King's Landing

Occupation: Knight

Ser Oswyck Baratheon Giphy
I'm happy if there's something nice to drink or look at. More than look at is better.

Psychological Information

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single


Oswyck is the kind of man who guides himself with certain principles; though most people are perplexed at what those principles could be. He is known for his foul tempers and outbursts, where his nickname comes from. He tends to have strong, opinionated views and express them openly without much care for someone's status or usual manners.

Oswyck has an addictive personality, but a loyal one - he has often been said by many to display the 'Drop of dragon blood' that the Baratheons have with his foul temper and drinking; indeed, even like old king Robert, he womanizes often and doesn't see much difference between common and noble girls. He is however, a loyal man who believes vows should be respected, and would be disgusted and repulsed at the idea of he or anyone else womanizing while under vow to another.

He often makes exception for and cares for his family, unless the situation is particularly repulsive or their actions are definitely wrong.

Ser Oswyck Baratheon Giphy
I've been fighting, fucking and drinking across this country my whole life, it feels like.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Oswyck is an unusual physical specimen, standing at six feet and six inches and with great strength and weight behind his movements. He also displays unusual speed along with his strength and power, making him a fierce opponent.
+ He is well-trained and experienced in combat, having competed in all sorts of tournaments and melees, along with fighting various bandits and others who would challenge him in more lethal confrontations.
+ Oswyck is a very convincing and charismatic individual, who can often convince people without needing to berate them or raise his voice, but has no qualms about doing that, as well.

- Oswyck has a foul temper, one that can be exploited quite easily as it's known to explode on the drop of a hat. He has the tendency to say and do things that he may not mean while in one of his furies.
- His addictive personality has proven an issue, as he continues to drink and womanize on a regular basis with no signs of stopping, unless he has reason to.
- Oswyck has no interest in the proper procedures in noble affairs, and doesn't show any sign he'll respect them in the future; something that is a bother for House Baratheon.

Ser Oswyck Baratheon Tumblr_ncfqxmulcT1rei3gfo3_500
Ah, seven hells.

Equipment Listing

Plate Armour
Being such a large and strong man, Oswyck's often best kind of armour is the heavy kind; full plate. Even with how heavy it usually is, the freakish strength of the young man makes him able to move at an unusual speed in it.

The last thing that often makes many compare Oswyck to the old rebel King is that he wields a Warhammer of similar design; Oswyck enjoys the use of it, with the weapon being powerful and fast to use, along with satisfying to hit with.

Sword and Shield
For encounters of a less lethal variety or those that require the sword and shield for traditional reasons, Oswyck uses both of these to great effect, having been trained in martial ways from a young age.

Stag Helmet
Not just for ceremonial but also combat use, this helmet displays the Stag antlers of House Baratheon, with the full plate helmet also being of excellent make and incredibly durable.


Extra Information


Born in King's Landing in 353AL, Oswyck Baratheon comes not from the Royal line, but a seperate group of Baratheons. He descends from the former king Robert Baratheon's brother Stannis, through his daughter Shireen and a bastard son she had who was legitimized by the then-old King Gendry, with Shireen herself marrying into House Swann, resulting in quips from Oswyck about being family with a bunch of birds. With his father marrying a minor Mallister, it was decided that Oswyck would foster there with her family in the Riverlands and at Seagard, under a capable Knight.

Having lived in Seagard as a Squire and then later having spent much time there as an adult Knight, Oswyck now travels up and down Westeros looking tournaments, wine and women wherever he can find them. He always seems to find himself at home in the Riverlands though, claiming that stinking marshes and muddy bogs seem to be the place that suit him best. With his foul temper though, things were bound to go a-ry, especially when his opposing jouster was accidentally killed in a tournament at King's Landing during the early rounds. Investigation found that there was no intent to kill and that Oswyck, with his immense strength had actually killed his opponent entirely by accident.

Though cleared of any murder, many Knights were now a bit unsure about jousting with Oswyck, and his nickname of the Storming Stag did nothing to help matters with his fierce temper and intensity he seemed to display when he charged in a joust or melee. Unable to find competition in many Southern kingdoms, Oswyck often travelled to the North for melees and other competitions of arms there, and has developed a reputation even amongst the Northmen for his ferocity, though they appreciate more someone who doesn't mince words.

With little else for him, Oswyck continues to fight, drink and sleep across Westeros, hoping one day he'll find something that's more interesting, or at least helps him stay in one place.


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