Lord Darrick Mallister

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Lord Darrick Mallister Empty Lord Darrick Mallister

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General Information

Full Name & Royal/Noble Titles [If applicable]: Lord Darrick Mallister of Seaguard

Titles: Lord of Seaguard [Contested]

Aliases: N/A

House [If applicable]: Mallister

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Location of Birth: Seaguard

Occupation: Lord of Seaguard


Psychological Information

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single - In need of Alliances


  Darrick is a charismatic young Westerosi Noble. He finds himself at the head of a house, despite his inexperience and lack of refinement through age. He is struggling to hold things together in the face of it all, however, he remains dedicated, confident and perhaps at times, single-minded. Unlike most, his youth was not spent fostered under another house or as a squire, instead, it was spent with his over-protective elderly father and a myriad of tutors, though this has made him somewhat isolationist.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Well educated and well trained, to levels exceeding the already high standard of Westerosi Nobility.
+ Charismatic to a fault, perfectly at home hashing out deals with other Houses or mingling at parties.
+ To find oneself at the head of a Noble House is a clear advantage, both economically and militarily.

- Inexperienced in the matters of both ruling a noble house and in the matters of war.
- Head-strong he has a habit of rushing into situations before fully thinking them through.
- Despite his charisma, a youth sheltered amongst tutors has ingrained a habit of isolationism.


Equipment Listing

Longsword - A longer variety of the standard Arming Sword, capable of being used in one or both hands. The staple weapon of Westerosi Nobles.

Mail & Plate - Plate armor heavily substituted with mail, offering large amounts of protection but cutting down on weight.

Horse - Neigh


Extra Information




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