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Character Sheet Format Empty Character Sheet Format

Post by Shitbird Prime on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:42 pm

In order to create a character and start roleplaying on ASOIAFRP, you will be required to make a sheet for your character to keep all your information about your character at hand. This is not only helpful for you to keep a place to edit and store all relevant information about your character but also helps admins moderate and ensure that no boundaries are pushed in regards to lore or mechanics. Whilst wishing to give every player equal opportunity to have the respective freedom to create the character that they wish to play, it is in the interest of the board admins that fair play is upheld and board lore isn't thrown out the window.

Below you will find a format to create your character sheet. Whilst modifications and completely new formats are allowed should you wish to create something more stylish and unique, we recommend that you use the contents of the example format as a list of requirements of the information that is shown on character sheets.

We hope to see you very soon on ASOIAFRP!

[center][b][u]General Information[/u][/b]
Full Name & Royal/Noble Titles [If applicable]:

Titles [If applicable]:
House [If applicable]:
Location of Birth:

[b][u]Psychological Information[/u][/b]
Relationship Status:

[Write as little or as much as you want here, try to describe your character personality in as much detail as possible.]


Strengths & Weaknesses
[List at least 3]
[List at least 3, try to make sure that your strengths and weaknesses are balanced to make a much fairer character. Having a character with more weaknesses rather than strengths is also fine.]


[b][u]Equipment Listing[/u][/b]

[List all of your characters equipment here.]


[b][u]Extra Information[/u][/b]

[Write the character's backstory here.]


[Any PCs killed, place them down here.][/center]

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